The 1st International Conference of Future and Emerging Mining (FErM)


Topics include but not limited to

1. Establishment and maintenance of reference frames for the three deeps mining;

2. Autonomous navigation and control of mining robots and its instrumentation;

3. Simulation and analysis of extreme environments and its effects on extra-terrestrial and deep-sea mining;

4. Identification, characterization and quantification of potential resources of Moon, Mars, asteroids, comets, ocean floor and deep underground;

5. Power and transportation systems to support the three deeps mining;

6. Market demand and in-situ utilization of three deeps resources and products;

7. Policy, legal provisions, and ethical considerations in three deeps mining;

8. Recent missions and national plans in three deeps mining;

9. Three deeps mining technological challenges, strategies and smart solutions; and

10. Other science, technology and engineering issues related to emerging and future mining.


Session 1: Extreme Mining Environments Simulation

Session 2: Analysis of Lunar and Mars Soil Constituent

Session 3: Navigation and Control of Mining Robot

Session 4: Automatic Mining Robotic Instrumentation

Session 5: Market Demand, Policy, Law, and Ethical Considerations

Session 6: Discussion on Emerging and Future Mining Techniques

Time and Venue

August 11-16 2019, Henderson USA

Organizers, local organizers and sponsors


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